Sortable !

I wanted to finish working on this feature by the end of the previous week but university exams were keeping me busy. As they say, Better late than never ! eh? 🙂

Quick Recap : I was working on the bookmark-modal window which would feature the hub pages bookmarked by the user, that the bookmarks-bar cannot hold (overflowing bookmarks)

Week 1:
I hacked on the master.html file to get the edit_bookmarks modal window to pop-up on hitting the *edit* button. Added few hacks on style.css as well to bring it closer to Mizmo’s mockup.
Screenshot from 2016-06-19 11-52-28.png

Screenshot from 2016-06-08 23-08-49.png

Week 2:
Making the bookmarks toggle !
During the Hub’s meeting, Sayan suggested that the mockup required extra styling that wasn’t preferred. We wanted to use fedora-bootstrap alone, so that the modal window looked bootstrappy, thus dropping the idea to add styling.
The user is to be able to re-order the bookmarks at his will, so Pierre suggested to use something like jquery sortable() but using bootstrap. I tried experimenting using jqueryui and after several attempts, it finally worked ! 🙂 Though there is still more experiments to be done…

Screenshot from 2016-06-19 12-06-00.png

Screenshot from 2016-06-18 23-59-41.png

Preview : This week I plan to work on providing suggestions to the user to re-order hub-bookmarks depending on the frequency of the hub pages he/she visits often.

Till next week ! Good day to you 🙂


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