Wearing a Red Hat !

Hola reader !
2016 had its lows and highs ! Struggles, achievements, new journeys and much more.
Here I am in the last month of the year !

I joined as an intern in July, working on gdeploy: an Ansible based deployment tool for GlusterFS. From trying to figure out how it works to writing ansible playbooks and config files, I’ve come a long way ^_^

9f0da2dae3b84d649684a3e43a191f20                       Picture Courtesy : Google images.

Today is my first day in the Storage Engineering team at Red Hat 🙂
I will actively be involved with GlusterFS and other Red Hat products.
Am sure gonna have a steep learning curve working with new technologies, looking forward to hacking on challenging projects.

A quote that has been there alongside this year and kept me going :

“Your goals don’t care if its the weekend ! ” -Anonymous


Cover Picture Courtesy : devyanikota@gmail.com


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