GDD India 2017 – report

Last month I got a chance to attend Google Developer Days India 2017. I was hoping to finish this blog post earlier, well “Better late than never?” Google Developer Days(GDD) was held at Bengaluru on Dec 1st and 2nd, 2017. It was organized for the first time by Google at this scale. I was really looking forward to the event. Google Developer days are global … Continue reading GDD India 2017 – report

Shallow Blogging? | Lessons

Disclaimer: This post is non-technical! Hey there Reader! A very good $time_of_the_day to you! nah, Geek-Web is not dead yet O:) I have enjoyed my open source journey so far, and I believe I have come a long way with respect to knowledge, skills, making new friends etc. It was not today that I realized that we are approaching the end of the year. My … Continue reading Shallow Blogging? | Lessons

GSoC Battle 2016

Hello reader, The third attempt and yeah made it, this time. šŸ˜€ No more regrets in life ! soon aĀ GSoCerĀ ! I started contributing to Fedora infrastructure projects after I returned from PyCon India 2014 prior which was contributing to gnome-shell,Ā one can say that after this event, meeting people and the environment as a whole motivatedĀ and inspired a lot, and since then I never backed down … Continue reading GSoC Battle 2016

Modelling Models !

Hey there reader ! Its been quite some time since I updated about brainstormings going on for the new widgets for the hubs pages. So, I was working on an issue for theĀ Subscriber/Subscribe widget, where I had to list the number of subscribers that were subscribed to this user(his/her hub page), and also the number of users he/she was subscribed to, basically the subscription stats. … Continue reading Modelling Models !

Who am I ?!

Finally, a warm hello to the world of blogging !! Ya, i would accept, was lazy enough to not start blogging earlier ! Anyways, am here now, thought of finally executing the first thing on my new-year resolutions list. Will begin with a short introduction : Myself, Devyani šŸ™‚ I love the internet, reading books and contributing to open source software. Girl-geek, in her pre-final … Continue reading Who am I ?!