GSoC Battle 2016

GSoC Battle 2016

Hello reader,
The third attempt and yeah made it, this time. 😀
No more regrets in life ! soon a GSoCer !

I started contributing to Fedora infrastructure projects after I returned from PyCon India 2014 prior which was contributing to gnome-shell, one can say that after this event, meeting people and the environment as a whole motivated and inspired a lot, and since then I never backed down !
yeah, the trick was to not lose hope and keep working harder, guess that worked 🙂
After the Outreachy debacle, (which the lowest phase I guess) am blessed to have such motivating people around me who kept pushing me.
Huge thanks to Kushal da, Sayan, Subho, and Elita of course for helping me through it.

The cliche result night, for two seconds my mind said, “That’s alright, maybe not this time either. Am anyway not losing hope, will move on !” But, then there was my name. “phew!!”, “yay ! I finally made it”. Am so happy, I will be working on Fedora-hubs this summer.
I should thank my mentor RalphBean for helping me with my naive doubts, and for guiding me fix bugs all this time. Huge thanks to Pierre, MizmoJustin, Sayan, for reviewing my proposal and getting it done on time 😛
Am glad I will be working with them this summer, hacking on Hubs !

A little throwback: am really glad I finished the #dgplug summer training successfully that moulded me be what I am !

For those interested, can take a look at the proposal on fedora-wiki.
See ya all !

Happy Coding 🙂




Modelling Models !

Modelling Models !

Hey there reader !
Its been quite some time since I updated about brainstormings going on for the new widgets for the hubs pages.
So, I was working on an issue for the Subscriber/Subscribe widget, where I had to list the number of subscribers that were subscribed to this user(his/her hub page), and also the number of users he/she was subscribed to, basically the subscription stats.
pretty simple, eh? That’s what I thought too 😛
Well PR #111 fixes it !

I learned a lot while trying to figure out ways to solve this issue, jotting them down :

  • how easily one can access the attributes if we know the relation between two objects/tables.
  • using dir() function to see beyond an alphanumeric object !
  • write test-cases.

Structure of HUBS :
User : A user table with attributes like openid, fullname, and created_on.
Hub:   This is the individual user’s hub page(in simple terms-profile page) with attributes                like name, created_on, widgets, etc
So, we wanted to implement a many-to-many relationship between users and hubs, ‘coz many users can subscribe themselves to many hubs.
So, I spent quite some time with the flask-sqlalchemy tutorial to learn the pythonic implementation of the many-to-many relationship. 😛 my bad !!
Its really amazing to read code written by awesome developers. Ralph‘s code already had the ‘Association’ table to connect the users and hubs.

>>> for assoc in widget.hub.associations:
........sub_list = [ for u in assoc.user.subscriptions]
>>> subscribers = [u.username for u in widget.hub.subscribers]

‘widget.hub.associations’ returned a list of associated user objects.
This is where dir() function came to my rescue 😛
So I tried to print the attributes of the user objects that were being returned by simply printing the output of the same.

>>> print dir(widget.hub.associations)

Thus, displaying a list of the attributes of the object.Screenshot from 2016-03-15 02-38-05
Hub names were extracted, which helped extract the subscriptions of the respective hub_user’s page.
Rest, was a simple edit in the jinja template, that made the Subscribe/Unsubscribe button do its magic 😉

But, that was not the end !
I had tests failing ! 😦
I didn’t have any experience with writing tests.

Why were tests failing ?
‘coz the default values of the subscribers was still assigned ‘0’, when I had changed it into a list. Changing its default value to ‘[]’ and voila !
It works !

I came across an awesome quote when bugs overpower you 😛

Your Goals don’t care if its the weekend !


Who am I ?!

Who am I ?!

Finally, a warm hello to the world of blogging !! Ya, i would accept, was lazy enough to not start blogging earlier ! Anyways, am here now, thought of finally executing the first thing on my new-year resolutions list.

Will begin with a short introduction :

Myself, Devyani 🙂 I love the internet, reading books and contributing to open source software. Girl-geek, in her pre-final year, pursuing B-Tech in CSE(Computer Science and engineering) in Durgapur, spending most of her time coding in Python and C, and contributing to upstream open-source projects.

Uploads her code on Github, listens to music on spotify, tweets on Twitter,
and chats on google+.

When ain’t coding, you can find me playing guitar, or eating lots of food !!

This blog mainly will constitute my endeavours and my journey into open-source and about the projects i’d be working on. 🙂

So, stay tuned for more crazy & interesting blog-posts !! Happy hacking 😉