Fedora-Hubs : Getting Started

The definition for fedora-hubs has changed over the months ! Hubs has come a long way from when it was initially started. From new milestones, to new goals, new road-maps. There have been new contributors willing to contribute to hubs, but facing issues while setting it up locally. Thus an initiative to help out new contributors hack their way into the project. Few common terms … Continue reading Fedora-Hubs : Getting Started

Sortable !

I wanted to finish working on this feature by the end of the previous week but university exams were keeping me busy. As they say, Better late than never ! eh? šŸ™‚ Quick Recap : I was working on the bookmark-modal window which would feature the hub pages bookmarked by the user, that the bookmarks-bar cannot hold (overflowing bookmarks) Week 1: I hacked on the … Continue reading Sortable !

Scroll ! Think ! Bookmark !

Hi there, so we are in the second half of the year and its been quite exciting so far šŸ˜› Looking forward to amazing times ! It’s been a week since the coding period began, the first feature that we plan to work on is the bookmark feature. Soon there will be quite some hub-pages for Users and also for groups, such as Infrastructure, Design, … Continue reading Scroll ! Think ! Bookmark !

Fedora-Hubs: Google Summer of Code 2016

  A warm hello to the Summer Coding World. Devyani is a CS Undergraduate who will be working on Fedora-Hubs as her Google Summer of Code 2016 Project. The Google Summer of Code 2016 results were declared on 22nd April 2016. The Community Bonding Period has been amazing: meeting like-minded people, making new friends and being a part of this awesome community ! Initially in … Continue reading Fedora-Hubs: Google Summer of Code 2016

GSoC Battle 2016

Hello reader, The third attempt and yeah made it, this time. šŸ˜€ No more regrets in life ! soon aĀ GSoCerĀ ! I started contributing to Fedora infrastructure projects after I returned from PyCon India 2014 prior which was contributing to gnome-shell,Ā one can say that after this event, meeting people and the environment as a whole motivatedĀ and inspired a lot, and since then I never backed down … Continue reading GSoC Battle 2016

Modelling Models !

Hey there reader ! Its been quite some time since I updated about brainstormings going on for the new widgets for the hubs pages. So, I was working on an issue for theĀ Subscriber/Subscribe widget, where I had to list the number of subscribers that were subscribed to this user(his/her hub page), and also the number of users he/she was subscribed to, basically the subscription stats. … Continue reading Modelling Models !