Scroll ! Think ! Bookmark !

Hi there, so we are in the second half of the year and its been quite exciting so far šŸ˜› Looking forward to amazing times ! It’s been a week since the coding period began, the first feature that we plan to work on is the bookmark feature. Soon there will be quite some hub-pages for Users and also for groups, such as Infrastructure, Design, … Continue reading Scroll ! Think ! Bookmark !

Fedora-Hubs: Google Summer of Code 2016

  A warm hello to the Summer Coding World. Devyani is a CS Undergraduate who will be working on Fedora-Hubs as her Google Summer of Code 2016 Project. The Google Summer of Code 2016 results were declared on 22nd April 2016. The Community Bonding Period has been amazing: meeting like-minded people, making new friends and being a part of this awesome community ! Initially in … Continue reading Fedora-Hubs: Google Summer of Code 2016

GSoC Battle 2016

Hello reader, The third attempt and yeah made it, this time. šŸ˜€ No more regrets in life ! soon aĀ GSoCerĀ ! I started contributing to Fedora infrastructure projects after I returned from PyCon India 2014 prior which was contributing to gnome-shell,Ā one can say that after this event, meeting people and the environment as a whole motivatedĀ and inspired a lot, and since then I never backed down … Continue reading GSoC Battle 2016

Modelling Models !

Hey there reader ! Its been quite some time since I updated about brainstormings going on for the new widgets for the hubs pages. So, I was working on an issue for theĀ Subscriber/Subscribe widget, where I had to list the number of subscribers that were subscribed to this user(his/her hub page), and also the number of users he/she was subscribed to, basically the subscription stats. … Continue reading Modelling Models !

What did I do this Summer – Part 2(Summer-Internship)

Its been about a month since I finished my summer-internship, glad am finally blogging it šŸ™‚ Hey there ! This blog post is the second blog post on my summer ! After FUDCon, I left for Bangalore where I interned in a startup- Eventifier which was recently acquired by BookMyShow. I was excited to work with awesome people and wanted to get the best out … Continue reading What did I do this Summer – Part 2(Summer-Internship)