Notes: ssh- servers and clients.

  This post is tagged with notes, such posts will be documentations of stuff that I learned or think that can be saved as notes. Also, they can be shared and is open for comments/opinions. Concept inspiration: one of my seniors sayan. I remember the uncertainty of concepts I had when I initially started working with the interactions between local machines and remote machines. I … Continue reading Notes: ssh- servers and clients.

Fedora-Hubs : Getting Started

The definition for fedora-hubs has changed over the months ! Hubs has come a long way from when it was initially started. From new milestones, to new goals, new road-maps. There have been new contributors willing to contribute to hubs, but facing issues while setting it up locally. Thus an initiative to help out new contributors hack their way into the project. Few common terms … Continue reading Fedora-Hubs : Getting Started

Who am I ?!

Finally, a warm hello to the world of blogging !! Ya, i would accept, was lazy enough to not start blogging earlier ! Anyways, am here now, thought of finally executing the first thing on my new-year resolutions list. Will begin with a short introduction : Myself, Devyani 🙂 I love the internet, reading books and contributing to open source software. Girl-geek, in her pre-final … Continue reading Who am I ?!