Shallow Blogging? | Lessons

Disclaimer: This post is non-technical! Hey there Reader! A very good $time_of_the_day to you! nah, Geek-Web is not dead yet O:) I have enjoyed my open source journey so far, and I believe I have come a long way with respect to knowledge, skills, making new friends etc. It was not today that I realized that we are approaching the end of the year. My … Continue reading Shallow Blogging? | Lessons

Notes: ssh- servers and clients.

  This post is tagged with notes, such posts will be documentations of stuff that I learned or think that can be saved as notes. Also, they can be shared and is open for comments/opinions. Concept inspiration: one of my seniors sayan. I remember the uncertainty of concepts I had when I initially started working with the interactions between local machines and remote machines. I … Continue reading Notes: ssh- servers and clients.