Sortable !

I wanted to finish working on this feature by the end of the previous week but university exams were keeping me busy. As they say, Better late than never ! eh? 🙂 Quick Recap : I was working on the bookmark-modal window which would feature the hub pages bookmarked by the user, that the bookmarks-bar cannot hold (overflowing bookmarks) Week 1: I hacked on the … Continue reading Sortable !

Scroll ! Think ! Bookmark !

Hi there, so we are in the second half of the year and its been quite exciting so far 😛 Looking forward to amazing times ! It’s been a week since the coding period began, the first feature that we plan to work on is the bookmark feature. Soon there will be quite some hub-pages for Users and also for groups, such as Infrastructure, Design, … Continue reading Scroll ! Think ! Bookmark !

What did I do this Summer – Part 2(Summer-Internship)

Its been about a month since I finished my summer-internship, glad am finally blogging it 🙂 Hey there ! This blog post is the second blog post on my summer ! After FUDCon, I left for Bangalore where I interned in a startup- Eventifier which was recently acquired by BookMyShow. I was excited to work with awesome people and wanted to get the best out … Continue reading What did I do this Summer – Part 2(Summer-Internship)