Shallow Blogging? | Lessons

Disclaimer: This post is non-technical! Hey there Reader! A very good $time_of_the_day to you! nah, Geek-Web is not dead yet O:) I have enjoyed my open source journey so far, and I believe I have come a long way with respect to knowledge, skills, making new friends etc. It was not today that I realized that we are approaching the end of the year. My … Continue reading Shallow Blogging? | Lessons

Fedora 25 Release Party – Bangalore

As we all know, Fedora released its 25th version at the end of November ! So, we had a Fedora 25 Release Party on the 10th of December, 2016, organised by Sumantro Mukherjee, Sudhir Dharanendraiah and Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay at Christ University, Bangalore. The event was a success with fresh energy, the Christ University students from freshman year who were new to Linux, along with few old … Continue reading Fedora 25 Release Party – Bangalore

What did I do this Summer – part 1(FUDCon India)

Hello Reader ! Already in the second half of the year, thought of getting my new-year resolutions executed by the end of the year ! So, here I am writing my Blog-Post on how I spent my summer !! After my semester exams that ended somewhere in the first week of June, I was excited to attend this awesome conference FUDCon, which was being conducted in … Continue reading What did I do this Summer – part 1(FUDCon India)